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Welcome to AYSO Region 94 - La Habra, Brea, Fullerton


Why Should I Referee?

Imagine you show up for your kid’s soccer game, but there are NO REFEREES? Everybody goes home very disappointed. Could it happen? Yes it could. The American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization. As such, we rely on YOU to volunteer to put together a comprehensive program for our kids. Referees are one of the cornerstones of AYSO.

We will TRAIN you to be a referee. We will even give you a stylish uniform! You will then be able to enjoy the game much more because you will now understand it. You will also be helping your team by getting them “referee points”. 

Question: Can kids referee?
Answer: Yes they can! You just have to be 12 years old to be a youth referee. It’s a great way for a kid to learn the game even better!   And it counts for community service hours for high school kids!

The usual excuses not to referee:

I’m busy.
Answer: So am I. So are we. So are the coaches. So are the team parents. So are the field coordinators. So are the Snack Shack volunteers, Etc.  

It’s hard to schedule around my kid’s game.
Answer: Same for everyone!   

Someone else will do it.
Answer: If everyone thought that way, no one would do it.

I don’t know anything about soccer.
Answer: Neither did I. You don’t have to know anything. We train! 

Referee Training

Referee Page
Welcome to the Region 94 Referee Page


  • First of all, we would like to thank our referees for helping out. You are an asset to the Region and to the La Habra community. Please make sure you have your volunteer form filled out and submitted. You will not receive team information until your volunteer form is completed.

    Volunteer Form & Mandatory Training

    1. To complete a Volunteer form you must either already have or create a Regional account.  Log in to and click on “Register Now” at the top right.  Please create your own account rather than piggyback on your significant other's account (it helps us manage the online course completion statuses).
    2.  Click on the Volunteer button on the left.
    3. Click on “Find Volunteer Roles” in the top right.
    4. Select the MY2022 - Adult/Youth REFEREE Registration program by clicking "View Divisions" for that program - the button on the right.
    5. Select the Referee Division check box.  Click View Selected Opportunities near the bottom right.
    6. Select Referee if you are an adult or Youth Referee if you are younger than 18 years old.  In the pop-up click on the user that you want to sign up for this position.  The card will flip over as selected.  Click on continue.
    7.  Enter in your information, accept the various waivers and consent forms at the bottom and hit continue.
    8. At the volunteer page checkmark the box for Risk Status and then click on Renew & Update.
    9. A window will pop up asking you to verify your information.  Verify and then click submit.
    10. Another pop up will appear asking you to submit again. Click submit.
    11. Another popup will appear letting you know that you will receive an email to complete the background check process
    12. Open your email (the one you selected when you created your Regional account), you will have received an email from Sterling Volunteers, subject "Your requested copy of your completed background check for American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) is available"  with a link specific to your registration.
    13. Click on the link and Complete fields to verify your information (email, date of birth, zip code).
    14. You will create a Sterling Volunteers account by entering a user name and password (write this down or use a password manager). You will then complete the 4 Step process completing your background check.
    15. Once you have received the Screen that says Congrats, you’re on your way to becoming a volunteer.  
      Your Regional account will start by showing your volunteer risk status registration as Pending and once it clears it will change to Green.

    Steps to complete Safe Haven, CDC Concussion and Basic Referee course, each course takes about 20 minutes.

    1. Go to
    2. Log into your Regional account and go to your Volunteer page (click the Volunteer button).
    3. Select "AYSOU" (it is one of the tabs on the home page).
    4. You should be automatically logged into AYSOU - if not, click the login button and enter your AYSO account username and password to get access.
    5. Click on "Training Library” on the left - you will see a list with Safe Haven and Refereeing courses.
    6. Click "View Courses” and complete all Safe Haven courses (there are currently 3) and the appropriate Referee (regional) course - e.g., Regional Referee - Online + In-Person Companion Course).  
    7. Save all certificates of completion (the system should update us with your completion status, but we may need you to upload the certificate).

    Things you need to know

    • We need you to ref - we always need refs and will continue to ask until we have enough “volunteers”. This is a community soccer program, everyone is here for the same goals; keep kids active, teach them soccer, have fun with the added benefit of being an active member of the community.
    • You must submit a volunteer form and complete training. We offer training throughout the summer in our region. You can also attend in another AYSO region if that is more convenient. If the region charges for training, we will reimburse you. Check with us prior to attending.
    • You will receive referee uniforms for games. You should have little to no costs associated with refereeing for the region.

    Referee Requirements

    Fall Team Referee Requirements



    All Team Referee Requirements

    10U - 12U - 14U - 16U - 19U TEAMS      

    divisions may earn up to 4 ref points each week, home games.   One ref point for the AR position or two points for the referee position.  These points will be added to team win/tie points to determine R94 playoff seeding.  Zero tolerance for ref abuse (Three ref points will be deducted when a Coach and/or spectator is removed from the field) keep it Fun, Fair and Safe.

    Minimum amount of Referee points is required to qualify for AYSO Region 94 post season playoffs: 

    20 ref points for 10U & 12U divisions and 13 points for 14U - 19U divisions, home games.

    The maximum ref points available to one team is 40.

    Any team unable to complete their point total may not participate in the region 94 playoffs.



    Teams qualifying to play in our post season playoffs shall provide three referee points per game played; point verification will be obtained from the game card with the signature and team number documented by the participating referees.   Any team failing to provide the required referee points will result in their game being forfeited.



    A minimum of 13 Referee points is required, teams may earn up to 4 points per home game, any team unable to complete their point total will not be allowed to participate in future Tournaments.



    In the unlikely event there are more referees available than referee slots, the referee administrator shall be allowed to award the referee point to a team by assigning the representing referee to another job. 

    The overall intent is to share the responsibility among each team/parent.  Region 94 is a volunteer organization.  Our motto is to create a fair, fun, and safe environment. Remember participation should not only be a priority, but our commitment to make AYSO Region 94 the best we can be.    

    How to Become a Referee



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