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Welcome to AYSO Region 94 - La Habra, Brea, Fullerton


Coach Page
Welcome to the Region 94 Coach Page

  • First of all, we would like to thank our coaches and assistant coaches for helping out. You are an asset to the La Habra community. Please make sure you have your volunteer form filled out and submitted. You will not receive team information until your volunteer form is completed.

    Volunteer Form & Mandatory Training

    1. To complete a Volunteer form you must create an account.  Log in to and click on “Register Now” at the top right.  Please create your own account rather than piggyback on your significant other's account (it helps us manage the online course completion statuses).
    2.  Select middle option "I am a team coach or other team personnel".
    3.  Select the appropriate Program - Fall or Spring Soccer - and then click on view roles
    4.  Scroll down and select a program you would like to volunteer for, (You can do more than one). Scroll down on "continue".
    5.  A form will appear, fill it out and at the bottom accept waiver then click on "continue".
    6.  A screen with all volunteered programs will show up find the program or programs you volunteer for and click on green button "click to eSign form"
    7. In the middle of the form, there are two boxes that need to be clicked. One agreeing to use esignature and the other that says you are an adult. Click those two and type your name in the yellow box under them, click on "continue to review".
    8. Please verify all information is correct and click on "submit signed volunteer application".

    Steps to complete Safe Haven, CDC Concussion and Basic Coach course, each course takes about 20 minutes.

    1. Go to
    2. Log into your AYSO account.
    3. Select "AYSOU" (it is one of the tabs on the home page).
    4. You should be automatically logged into AYSOU - if not, click the login button and enter your AYSO account username and password to get access.
    5. Click on "View your Enrolled Courses” at the bottom - you will see a list with Safe Haven and Coaching courses.
    6. Click "Open” and complete all Safe Haven courses (there are currently 3) and the appropriate Coaching course for your division.  
    7. Save all certificate of completion (the system should update us with your completion status, but we may need you to upload the certificate).

    Things you need to know

    • We need you to coach - we always need coaches and will continue to ask until we have enough “volunteers”. This is a community soccer program, everyone is here for the same goals; keep kids active, teach them soccer, have fun with the added benefit of being an active member of the community.
    • You must submit a volunteer form and complete training. We offer training throughout the summer in our region. You can also attend in another AYSO region if that is more convenient. If the region charges for training, we will reimburse you. Check with us prior to attending.
    • You will receive cones for practices, soccer balls for games. You should have little to no costs associated with coaching a team. Some coaches bring additional water, an extra pair of shin guards, and the team should have a small first-aid kit but you can assign parents to help with those items. Parents should supply a soccer ball and cleats and must supply shin-guards for their player. Uniform packages include; jersey, shorts,and socks.

    Coach Responsibilities

    • Hold appropriate practices- U6 &U8 1 hour practice @ 1 day/week, U10 1 hour practice 2 days/week, U12, U14, U16, and U19 1-1/2 hour practice 2 days/week. Coaches choose practice days and times but must sign up with Fields Director, Guillermo Arellano by emailing [email protected]. You will sign up for days, times, and field location. You may not encroach upon another coaches assigned space. Once daylight savings time ends, U6 &  U8 coaches will be asked to discontinue practices since daylight and space will be very limited. If we have lights, coaches will have to work together in limited space for remainder of season. We are not allowed to practice at Imperial Middle School until 4:30pm on weekdays. No dogs are allowed at games or practices.
    • Be available Saturdays for games- recruit an assistant coach to help with training and in case you will not be able to attend a game during the season. Assistant coaches must turn in a volunteer form and must complete Safe Haven.  Mentor your assistant coach so that they will coach next season!
    • Attend coach meetings; pre-season coach/team parent meeting, boxing (U10-U14), draft (U10-U14), post-season boxing.
    • Complete player evaluations (U8-U14) at the end of the season. This helps us balance teams to have a more competitive and fun league.
    • Create a positive learning environment for players and families. Train for your volunteer job; You-Tube is a great resource for fun training exercises, upgrade your coach certification each season, work with other coaches and coach instructors. Enlist a team parent to help with team events; parties, goal cans, fundraisers, etc. Remember that you are creating a lifetime love for the game of soccer above a season of winning. You do not need to be a professional soccer coach to do this.
    • Encourage families to seek out team sponsorship. You will find the sponsor form in your coach packet. Money collected benefits both the league and the team and is a tax-deductible donation that encourages patronage to local business which benefit our community.

    At Games

    Field Information Home team is North/West or Imperial Blvd & Target. If your team is playing the first game of the day, you will be expected to set-up your field. If your team is the last to play on that field, the team will be expected to tear down the field. To tear down field, remove stakes and net from the goals, break down goals and put them back. Remove trash from trash can, tie up bag, place nets in trash can and stakes around the side. Area E Rule- For U10 and older- parents are to sit on one side of the field and coaches (head coach and assistant coach), team parent, and players on the opposite side. We have instituted a volunteer badge system so that we can easily identify volunteers from fans. If you see a non-volunteer family setting up on the coaches side, ask them to move. We do this so that fans are not a distraction to the game. The coach is able to communicate with his or her team effectively during the game, water breaks, half-time, and post-game.

    Please know that the referee may eject anyone for misconduct which may result on forfeit, suspension, and/or loss of points.

    Line-up Cards Line up card must be filled out prior to each game (Division U-8 and up) and presented to the referee at check in. Cards can be found at the referee tent located on the blacktop next to the snack shack. Only rostered players are allowed to participate in games and practices. We do not allow non-registered players, guests, or substitutions for any participation in our season. All players traveling to other regions are required to have player ID cards and will need to present the line-up card and signed roster at the home regions discretion. AYSO Official Lineup Card Card-stock is available from your division coordinator. You can pre-print your cards from home using this form-Line-up card – If the Legal size pre-printed card stock is not available print the lineup card and attach it to the single card.

    Points & Standings Information Win = 6 points Tie = 3 points Loss = 0 points Referee points = 2 points max per week

    Tie Breakers 1 – head to head 2 – goals against (least goals allowed) 3 – referee points 4 – goal differential (goals for – goals against) 5 – playoff game


    Concussion Information Forms: English / Spanish Safety/Accident Forms: For information visit Insurance

    Make sure the parents on your team are clear about responsibilities. If you are not okay with them dropping off players for practice, let them know at the first team meeting. Make sure you have a copy of the Player Registration form at all practices and games.

    If you perceive a child requires emergency medical intervention, call 911. If a child sustains any injury during practice or at a game, fill out an Incident Report within 7 days and report it to the Region 94 Safety Director, Jeff Tonche. He can be reached by email at [email protected]. You can also visit the referee tent or snack shack for information.

    Walk, Ride or Drive Form is available for parents who need alternate arrangements to and from practices and games. Coaches should keep these forms with Player Registration forms. Do not leave player’s alone, this is important especially once daylight savings time ends.

    Soccer Ball Sizes SIZE 3 – U5, U6, and U8 SIZE 4 – U10 and U12 SIZE 5 – U14, U16, and U-19

    Beach Soccer Not Sanctioned by AYSO It’s important to know that AYSO teams participating in beach soccer and beach soccer tournaments is not authorized by AYSO. Individuals who coach and play in AYSO that decide to participate in beach soccer may do so as long as they understand that they are not covered by AYSO Soccer Accident Insurance or liability coverage for this activity. Also, AYSO logos should not be worn during these events. Why? The National Tournament Advisory Commission (NTAC) did a study on beach soccer tournaments and submitted their recommendation to the National Board of Directors (NBOD) to not permit AYSO teams to participate in these events. The deciding issue was that most beach soccer events require the teams’ parent organization to assume all medical and liability insurance during participation. The event hosts are usually unwilling to accept responsibility for injuries and incidents. Since these are non-AYSO hosted and non-AYSO reviewed events, AYSO is unable to assume that risk. If you have any question feel free to contact your Regional Safety Director.

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