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Spring 2021

The content below is for our Spring 2021 Soccer Season - it is different from our normal Spring Seasons to help us be flexible with respect to the health and safety requirements of the City, County, State, and School District.


Here are the main Spring 2021 program features:

-- Everyone who registers and has a coach will play - we will be running Spring 2021 as a mixture of our normal Fall program (Core) and our Spring Select program.

-- We are run entirely by volunteers, and we will be asking for parents to be heroes to their kids, their teammates, and the community.  We will need some team staff, some referees, a few field painters, and  gameday setup and tear down helpers.

-- The total fee has been set to $100, and will be due when your player is taken off waitlist - it must be paid before a player can be rostered to a team and can play on an AYSO field. 

-- Please register as soon as you can - you will not be asked to pay any registration fee until we can start fielding teams, but it's much easier for us to communicate to you after you register for the Spring 2021 Program (see below). 

-- Everyone will initially be placed on waitlist until we have enough kids to field a team and/or a division in your player's age group.  We just need numbers!

Reminder - all the below info will be changing throughout the season as the various health and safety restrictions are gradually reduced.

Update - 3/13/21 - 

The City has graciously given us permission to proceed with social distanced practices at Imperial while further details are figured out in terms of team on team play.  It's truly great news, and we expect to have permission to host games in the next few weeks.  As such, we are beginning to take players off waitlist - you'll be notified by email when that happens, and then you'll need to go into your account and pay the registration fee before your player can attend a practice.

For Spring 2021, we've decided to set the price at $100/player (including the national player fee), which is a $20 discount from our normal Spring registration feePlease see below for the Spring 2021 Refund Policy.

For now, and to help get the teams up and running, we'll be proceeding with practices (no scrimmages yet) and push off the start of games at least a week (March 27, earliest). 

As we've noted along the way, flexibility is what will get us on the fields and playing quickest.  For the next week or so, the practice guidelines are fairly restrictive, but we expect the rules to start to relax within the next 2 weeks.

Current guidelines for practices (all divisions):  
  • Keep sick players OR players exposed to sick adults home, and notify coach if the player can't attend.
  • Parents can drop players off at Imperial for practice and pick them up after - non-coaching staff aren't allowed to loiter on the fields.
  • Players need to bring shin guards, at least one face mask, hand sanitizer, at least one washcloth or towel, their own water/snack, and their own ball to practice.
    • If the coach spaces players out for individual skill development, kids don't need to wear their masks while practicing.
    • If the coach has players developing 1-1 or group skills, kids need to wear masks and the ball should be sprayed with sanitizer every 15min or so.
  • The bathrooms will be available for use, but players should bring their washcloth/towel with them to dry off their hands after washing.
  • All adults entering or on the field should be masked at least until they exit the field and separate themselves from the other parents/coaches/players.
  • Teams will not share equipment.     
  • Schedules for practices will be worked out with coaches and their Division Coordinators and the Coach Admin.
    • Midweek practices start as early as 4:30pm, last 1-2 hours, and all practices typically end at sundown (some upper divisions may use portable lights).
Once games can be played at Imperial (the restrictions become relaxed), practices will likely turn to 100% non-masked for kids, but we're months away from parents being allowed on the field during practices.  This is the rule in effect for all youth sports, including high school sports.

For Games (away games, or games at Imperial once they're allowed): there may be up to two family members at the field for each player.  Home teams and their spectators will be on one side of the field, and away teams and their spectators will be on the other.  Referees and coaches will be masked throughout the game, and only coaches will be allowed in the player area during the game.  We'll have field maps to help guide parents on gamedays.

Division Specific Rules:
-- 8U and 6U games will all be played at Imperial.  8U teams should practice at least once during the week, and 6U typically performs all their activities once a week (generally on Saturdays, throughout the early morning), but 6U coaches are allowed to schedule practices (though it can be difficult to wrangle 6U players with just a coach, assistant coach, and team manager).  We're working on options for practice days, but once gamedays are allowed, each player will be able to bring 2 family members to the field for their games/activities.  The Division Coordinator will have more information.
----We will be asking for parents to step up as coaches for 6U and 8U.
-- 6U will have 4-5 players per team, and games will be 4 on 4, no goalies.
-- 8U will have 5-6 players per team, and games will be 4 on 4, no goalies.
-- 10U and up should practice 1-2 times a week, and some games will be away games (generally within about 30min driving).
-- 10U will have 8-10 players per team, and games will be 7 on 7, with goalies.
-- 12U will have 10-12 players per team, and games will be 9 on 9, with goalies.
-- 14U, 16U, and 19U will have 12-15 players per team, and games will be 11 on 11, with goalies.

Thank you everyone, can't wait to see you out on the fields!
--Region 94 Staff
---------------------------------------------------------------------------Update - 3/13/21 - 

Area Play (10U and up)

Coaches select a team that is then placed into a recreational or competitive game circuit. Teams travel to other regions in our area for away games. The season is 8-10 games. Practices begin in March and games begin in late March/early April and will end in May. The game schedule is completed as a joint effort between the Area 11-E regions. All teams will be required to supply (2) referees each weekend and paint fields (1 Friday).  Awards and/or trophies in spring are managed by Area E and vary by division and number of teams.

To register: Login to or create your account and register for the available division (set by birthdate) and program. 

Regional Play (8U and lower) - Games + Spring Training

Each team will play another Region 94 team each Saturday.  Spring Training is being organized as supplemental player and coach training for 6U and 8U teams, depending on the availability of trainers (the Region is paying for the trainers).


-->  $20 National Player Fee (NPF) - this goes to AYSO National and is non-refundable

Parent cancels registration:

  • After payment but before uniform is delivered to player/parent - Full Refund (minus NPF) up to April 3 or first game date (whichever is later).
  • After uniform is delivered to player/parent (cannot accept uniforms back) - Half Refund (minus NPF) through April 3 or first game date (whichever is later).
  • After April 3 (or first game date) - No Refund.

Health and Safety restrictions end or shorten the season:

  • After payment but before uniform is delivered to player/parent - Full Refund (minus NPF) up to first game date.
  • After uniform is delivered to player/parent (cannot accept uniforms back), and before 5 games are played - Half Refund (minus NPF).
  • After 5 games are played - No Refund.

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